Moljala design has over 25 years of knowledge, experience and creativity.

Moljala is the brain child of Creative Director, Steve Riches. Quite simply, I love what I do. Every one of my projects is treated with a bespoke approach – using thought, insight and focus on your audience to create designs that make an impact. The simplicity of this site is to showcase the design and creativity of Moljala.

After spending 10 years in London working for large media companies such as Turner Broadcasting, CNN, Cartoon Network and London based movie studios along with my own freelance company, I felt the pull back to my roots in Norfolk to start family life.

Moljala provides a full range of design agency services. These include: branding, graphic design, print, point of sale and web services.

MOL – (Mollie) JA – (Jake) LA – (Laura)

This is my family, my inspiration, the source of my creative life.